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Invitation Letter of Duly Authorized Unit (Business F Visas, Work Z Visas, X Student Visas)
Attached is a sample of the very new Invitation of Duly Authorized Unit document which is now required for any processing of Work, or Study related Visas.

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It is important to note that the Chinese Consulate will no longer accept Invitation Documents printed on Company Letterhead, nor will it accept the older previous version of any invitations which remain unprocessed as of January 01, 2011. Those applyig for business visas must request from the company in China that they apply forthwith to the local government for the appropriate invitation.

In order to process a F or Z Visa, the company in China must go to the local government and obtain one of two types of invitation documents.

Page 1: "Confirmation of Invitation" is stated in the title area. It has a long registration number and the bottom of the form illustrates Notes 1 and Notes 2
Page 2: "Name List of Invited" illustrating all invitees, with Invitation of Duly Authorized Unit below.

2. INVITATION OF DULY AUTHORIZED UNIT: (As Illustrated by the sample document below.)

Be Advised:
Invitation documents are provided to you by sources in China, namely your employer or business partner. Please do not ask any visa service company to provide you with invitation documents! Visa agents and companies that offer this type of service are generally ILLEGAL. Invitations can ONLY be provided from a source in the country you are attempting to enter.

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